Pros and cons of crewless ships
August 18, 2018
حمل و نقل مولتی مودال
July 4, 2019


Do you Know Captain Peter?

Everyone knows that an event we called containerization truly has had an important impact on transportation, also affects global trade, so we decide to describe about another phenomenon related to containerization that called Smart Container…

This event can make changes in transportation industry.

If you want to know this case you must know Captain Peter, its virtual assistant of Mearsk Line which will be incorporated into their Remote Container Management (RCM) platform in 2019….

Smart containers in brief?

Smart containers are containers which are equipped with sensors designed to provide real-time tracking of their location and movements, using this technology, whether you are a shipping line, customer or security agency, you can track the progress of your containers anywhere in the world, plan your equipment and stock inventory which could possibly lead to reduced costs.

In 2017, Maersk Line introduced Remote Container Management (RCM), an innovation in refrigerated technology, which allowed the user to monitor the conditions inside the reefer container from the moment the goods are locked inside, right up to delivery at their final destination.

Based RCM technology Maersk Line is adding a further technical improvement that currently is testing the same with a group of select customers.

In the first half of 2019, Maersk will release the new platform with an edited design and new product features which will be enhanced by a virtual assistant named Captain Peter.